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Cars of German concern Volkswagen AG take in the lead positions in the international market. They personify the basic merits inherent in Germans, namely: clearness, a pedantry, responsibility and compulsion. «The national car» (direct translation from German) so often name Volkswagen, is reliable and durable. Its basic advantages are:
  • raised level of comfort,
  • economy at the gasoline expense (represent — new Passat TDI "guzzles" only 4 litres on one hundred km!),
  • ease in service,
  • reasonable price,
  • cheap accessories.
Volkswagen EOS Highway 1, Volkswagen

Separately it is necessary to note also the intellectual automated lighting devices Volkswagen cars and made the engine which distinguish the compact sizes, the strengthened capacity and the lowered quantity of fuel consumption.

Thanks to exclusive reliability and the best parity of quality and cost, cars Volkswagen get millions motorists all over the world. Each of them has a possibility to choose the optimal variant, after all the lineup is presented widely enough; it consists from: And at last — the company is included nowadays into concern Audi.

Black open Volkswagen New-Beetle at a violet wall, Volkswagen
The second version of legendary "Bug". It is what was the second car in the world, by quantity of the cars which have descended from the conveyor. Have more riveted only 27 000 000 pieces of Ford T.

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