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Honda Cars

The Big collection: wall-paper Honda, for now — the small introduction text (from a photo, certainly). Buying the car, everyone asks a question, what mark and model to choose. The market offers a huge choice of cars. The big trust and popularity Japanese Honda today uses.

The Company does an emphasis on functionality, traffic safety and convenience. Incessantly improving skill, the Japanese manufacturer with each release of new model surprises with the inventions. Cars of this mark are characterised by easy management, the fast set of speed interesting by design.

Among the most popular models it is possible to note

Honda Accord HF-S Concept, Honda

Honda Civic for the first time was published in 1973. Since that moment it has replaced not one generation and each time was more and more improved. Honda Civic 2013 is already the ninth restyling. That its manufacturers in comparison with recent releases have reached? First of all new Civic has changed the appearance. Now in many respects it reminds a raccoon, but does not lose the stylishness. The motor in capacity of 1,8 l capacity of 141 h.p. allows to move confidently with even áîëüřĺé in the speed. In city boundaries 9,2 l are spent, the green button on the forward panel allows to save fuel consumption.

The Car has convenient and spacious salon which is to be left no. Stylish registration of an interior allows to enjoy each instant spent inside. Here all is made for comfort of the driver: multimedia system with a steering, the smooth transmission, convenient sitting. Thanks to a rear-view camera transferring the image on the display before your eyes, it is possible to see perfectly that occurs on a background and it is safe to maneuver. On the forward panel there is an audiosystem including hi-fi a radio tape recorder, mp3, there are sockets AUX and USB. To operate it it is possible, at all without stopping movement, by means of buttons on a wheel.

Honda S2000 Type S, Honda

By means of function HSA movement on lifting becomes simpler. At all without pressing a brake pedal, it is possible to be assured that the car will not sweep back still some time. Antifog headlights provide safe movement at a fog. Even at — 35 degrees of a frost the car is easy got, thus in salon the comfortable temperature remains. A minus is the low suspension bracket located close to the earth — not the best variant for countryside.

Honda CR-V, despite shorter history of the existence, does not concede on popularity Civic. The first car has appeared in 1995. The engine of model in volume is a bit less — 1,6 l. The car well moves on abrupt slopes.

Honda Accord on a level with Civic deserves steadfast attention. It is issued since 1976. In comparison with Civic has more impressive volume of the motor — 2, 4 l. Very capacious luggage carrier — 495 l. Also it is equipped by a rear-view camera. Leather salon, spacious and comfortable sitting with electronic adjustment. On responses of drivers the noise isolation at it is better, than at Civic.

All listed Hondas are equipped by a public address system and connection of phone by means of Bluetooth. Now it is not necessary to try to keep step with phone to answer a call, it is necessary to press only the button on a wheel. It is very convenient and safe.

To Compare Honda to other analogues it is possible under the technical specification, on an interior. However the design chooses everyone on itself, therefore it is impossible to tell unequivocally, what model is better, and what is worse.

On technical characteristics Honda Civic it is similar with Mazda: a small difference in the dispersal, almost identical sizes, engines. Mazda has the big luggage carrier on the size, but it is more convenient to open and close a bumper cover Honda. The wheel Honda also is more convenient, it very compact.

Comparing Honda Accord and Toyota Camry should be noticed that the suspension bracket at last is better, the car perfectly moves on any surface. The maximum speed at Honda hardly above, than at Toyota, and here a luggage carrier is less on 9 l. Basically technical characteristics at these two models the identical: the automatic transmission (6 steps at Toyota, 5 — at Honda), a spring back and forward suspension bracket, climate control, antifog headlights, lateral pillows of safety, etc. Fuel consumption on 100 km differs not strongly: in a city Honda spends 11,7 l, in the country — 6,2, Toyota accordingly — 11 and 5,9 l.

Cars Honda are deservedly recognised the most reliable, safe and are awarded various awards.
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