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Lamborghini Italian firm of luxury sports cars from small village SantAgata Bolognese (about Bologna), based as affiliated tractor factory Lamborghini Trattori S.p. A. In the beginning of 1960 the manufacturer of tractors of Ferrucco of Lamborghini has started to show interest to working out high-speed cars. It already had cars manufactures Orca, Maserati and Ferrari, but any did not satisfy it. After deep completion of a tractor, by means of a file, a breakage and any mother on light there were first signs Lamborghini 350GTV (by the way a part of details Ferraris and Lamborghini tractors were really identical).

On Wikipedia pages there is a following treatment of occurrence sport cars Lamborghini:
The most popular version told by son Ferruchcho of Lamborghini, says that Lamborghini has arrived on factory to Enzo Ferrari to complain of quality of coupling in the the car Ferrari 250 GT. Enzo has sent Lamborghini back with a wish and further to be engaged in tractors, because in cars and furthermore sports, Lamborghini understands nothing. Lamborghini has returned on factory, has disassembled transmission in the Ferrari 250 GT and has found out that the manufacturer of many details the same, as in Lamborghini tractors. In the warehouses it has found suitable replacement, and after assemblage the problem has been solved.

In years the company has endured crises, resales, bankruptcy. Has visited hands at Chrysler and has been in the late nineties sold Audi.

And a bull on an emblem, because Ferruco Lamborghini was Taurus.
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