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the Best cars of 2013: Nissan GT-R

Vashemu to attention a collection wall-paper from Nissan car , in particular Ś legendary model GT-R.

For now Ś is a little history. The sports car of mark of Nissan GT-R is issued by Japanese concern Nissan Motor . To be on sale this model has begun in 2008 in Japan , then States , then already in Europe have removed in . This model of Nissan has also right-hand drive, and ŰňÔţ­ˇŰŘÝűÚ variants. A suspension bracket of this model Nissan the three-regime: norm, comfort and R. A car drive the adjustable full.

Nissan GT-R, Nissan GT-R

Debjut new model GT-R has taken place in January of 2013 year.

Tormoza a new car in front have six-piston, and behind the four-piston mechanism. Brake disks of this system two-componental floating also have cross-section punching. Wheel disks of this car 20 inch forged and aluminium. Wheel disks of black colouring look rather qualitatively and reliably. The variant of "Blek Edishn" has instead of standard disks in ten spokes ŰňŃŕţ˝´ŰÓÔÝűň °ň˝˛Ŕ˝´Ŕ÷ňÔűň colour disks a black metallic.

Konstruktsija bodies are used by a combination of a steel, a carbon fibre and cast under the pressure of aluminium. At a body of this model low factor of front resistance which makes 0.26 and high aerodynamic clamping effort to both axes. The nasal part of the car has aggressive design: a cowl of the convex form and the increased sizes of the central air inlet. By means of these decisions designers Nissan have created individual stylistics of the car, having underlined ˝´ţ­˛ŔÔÝţ˝˛Ř its character, providing with that an optimality of distribution of air streams. Headlights of this version Nissan have the big width of sector of illumination for what in them it is established three more additional reflectors.

Obvody roofs of four-seater salon new Nissan aerodynamically decrease towards a back part and smoothly pass in lines of back racks of a body extending to the bottom part. Thanks to all to it designers have harmoniously combined aerodynamic and stylistic requirements. From a stern new Nissan is recognised not less thanks to lanterns which have the form of rings. The car has four branch pipes of an exhaust system of the big diameter, built in a back bumper.

Na versions źBlack ┼dition╗ the back spoiler which possesses rather unique design and aerodynamic characteristics is established. Such spoilers manually in the limited quantity are made. Besides they have a special covering which helps to feel better a microrelief of a carbon fibre of the special material applied in these spoilers.

Oformlenie a steering wheel all is executed by same "Blek Edishn" with inserts of red colour which underline ˝´ţ­˛ŔÔÝţ˝˛Ř character of this model of a car. But the strongest innovation in furnish of salon of these cars was addition to the program absolutely new (ţ´÷ŔţÝÓŰŘÝţŃţ) type of furnish of salon which has received the name źPremium Interior Package╗ that in translation into Russian means źthe Premium a package╗. This variant in the leather furnish uses the colour called by "Red amber╗ which visually reminds a skin which is processed by means of aniline dye, and on lobbies ˝ŔńňÝŔ § decorative seams are carried out vruchnuju. ę 2007 Ś 2020      Please put link, if you use materials of current site.

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